Ironman World Championships & Sarah Reinertsen

This trip has been a gift that keeps on giving. The stories of inspiration are endless. The focus is on elite athletes; but there are hundreds of age-groupers who have earned a spot, and there are dozens of stories of athletes fighting for cancer and raising awareness to causes.

The atmosphere this morning was electric. At the stroke of 6:30AM, the elite males started the Ironman World Championship with a cannon, followed by the elite women and then the age group athletes. Craig Alexander and Chris McCormack were the favorite males and Miranda Carfrae and Caroline Steffen were the favorite females. Now that we all know the results we know that Pete Jacobs (Australia) and Leanda Cave (UK) are the new world champions.

I had the good fortune of sitting next to Sarah Reinersten at breakfast today. She is the first female leg amputee to complete an Ironman in Kona. If you don’t know her whole story, click on her name and you will be inspired. She is incredible. Every one of my complaints in life is trivial compared to what she goes through in life daily. She does it with a smile and it is precious. She has a contagious spirit that refuses to be dampened. It was a gift to have met her and spoken to her for about an hour. She is doing Ironman AZ in November. I hope to meet her again…

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