Beautiful Morning in Hawaii

After attending the awards ceremony last night, we were dead tired. The ceremony was a bit drab after all the festivities of the past few days.

Early this morning, I went for an hour-long run. Dozens of athletes were out running and biking after the grueling event on Saturday. It was a gorgeous morning with barely any wind and temperatures in the upper 70s or lower 80s. The run was pretty smooth. I found out later that Scott and Charlie went for an ocean swim.

At around 11AM, we were off to Volcanoes National Park and Hilo. On our way, we stopped for a quick snack in Na’alehu, the Southernmost town in the US 50 states. The coffee from this region (Ka’u) is distinct (slightly rough and has a flavor of chocolate and coconut). I had mine with macadamia nut cream (locally grown). At the picnic table, Justin showed us the video he and Jen had created from our trip. I loved talking to Justin and Jen. I hope we meet again soon. I will upload the video eventually (it is on a USB drive for now, and needs some sponsor permissions). It captures the spirit of the trip…

We took a short hike at Volcanoes National Park (Thurston Lava Tube) before heading to the Hilo airport. The flight back was uneventful.

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