Which Pool is Cleaner? Private or Public?

They haven’t cleaned the water at the outdoor pool at Lifetime Fitness. For the membership fees they charge, you’d think they would do a better job. The McDowell Mountain Ranch pool down the street from my house is sparkling clean. I thought private pools would be cleaner than public pools. How wrong that notion is!

Anyway, I swam only 1,400 meters today (with Shelly). After warming up (400), we did 5 sets of 200 each. Nothing too taxing. This was followed by a trip to Whole Foods for a delicious “Peta Buttery” shake a half pound of tofu with some sort of Asian lemon sauce and a decent portion of spinach lasagna.

I picked up my bike earlier from Faster. Tomorrow I’ll ride for an hour or so with Kristi before taking my pups to the groomers. Binita and I have to go out for dinner tomorrow evening before my race on Sunday. I hope they have some carbs that I can eat! I hope the Whoopie Babes bring some of their scrumptious Whoopie Pies.

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