Didn’t know that a water bottle would crack!

The morning started with an easy bike-ride with Kristi, Ian and Brett. I rode from my place to Kristi’s place (about 15 minutes). On the way, dropped my water bottle and totally cracked it. It’s only a water bottle, but I was bummed as it was from my Hawaii trip, and it was the first time it was being used in Arizona.

Late in the morning, I went to Tempe to register for the SOMA half-iron relay. Our team (me, Amy, Eric) will be number 848. It is expected to be 80+ degrees by the time I start the run. Let’s see how I hold up in the heat – I’ll try and hold an 8:15 pace. Registration was followed up by a late lunch at Ncounter (Tempe) with Shelly and Amy. I had some of Shelly’s green cupcake and a pear/almond/bacon omelette.

This evening, B and I went to a party at Steve and Terri’s place in Fountain Hills. It’s always good to see Don and Debbie, and the Whoopie Babes.

Oh, the Whoopie Babes have a contest going called “Where do you Enjoy Whoopie?” Honestly, I enjoy it anywhere, anytime, anyplace; but plan to take a picture eating Whoopie while riding a bike (or maybe in my wet-suit)!

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