Weight loss, mood swings, tiredness…a Poem by Nina McArthur

When I eat pizza for dinner, I don’t sleep well. Maybe I need to have my head examined (some of my friends tell me so routinely), but last night I had pizza and I slept like $hit! I woke up around 5:30AM ready for my run, but was feeling lazy and lethargic.

Anyway, today was the longest run I have ever done (yes, EVER). I ran at Level 2 for most of my 2 hour and 30 minute run for a grand total of 17.8 miles. Needless to say, my legs are pretty sore as I write this (wearing Sugoi compression socks of course).

I am still learning about nutrition and how glycogen is used for long workout sessions. The rule of thumb for running nutrition I have started following is to consume about 100 calories for the first hour and then another 100 for every subsequent 45 minutes. Today, I had a stinger waffle (about 150 calories) before the start of the run and was sipping carbo-pro water (about 150 calories mixed in with water). I also had another stinger waffle about 90 minutes into the run. While my legs are sore, I feel pretty good (albeit a bit tired from not sleeping well last night).

And today, I read this poem by Nina McArthur (Chrissie Wellington tweeted about it). It hit home (if you are triathlete, you may be able to relate):

Swimming until you sink
Cycling until you crash
Running until you’re run down
Sport can be a saviour, a therapy, a cure

It keeps you happy, healthy, free and pure
But it can become a habit, an addiction, a need
Where you’ll do anything to succeed
Sacrificing your social life, family, friends and freedom

More miles, less fuel, the inevitable breakdown
To be described as sporty is a talent, a gift
Overcoming challenges, meeting goals, getting over that rift
But more miles, less fuel and so it begins..

Weight loss, mood swings, tiredness, the inevitable spiral as your body gives in
Swim, cycle and run to your heart’s content
But don’t let your love of sport turn into an evil descent
A mental and physical battle, letting down the ones you love

Sport should be a love not a fight, enough is enough.
I’ve realised what really matters in life, a good job, family and friends

I’ll never let you down again, this battle is done and won, the end.

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