Sore Legs = Slow Bike Ride | Fall Planting Season

After running almost 18 miles yesterday, my entire body is sore today. I was moving rather gingerly yesterday and this morning. In spite of wearing compression almost all day yesterday, my legs felt like jello. Compression can only do so much!

Anyway, Kristi joined me for the bike ride today for a relatively short 16-mile route. It took more than an hour with hardly any hills. There was a chill in the air that I haven’t felt in months. It’s cooling down in AZ. I need to get my winter gear out. I was slow and hurting this morning, but it actually felt good to loosen the legs.

Arizona has two planting seasons. The first one is in the spring that brings summer flowers and the second is right around now to spruce up landscaping that has been decimated because of the summer heat. While I was doing the SOMA half-iron distance relay, Binita went to Home Depot and picked up a few cacti and other plants. They are now planted. My favorite is the plumeria because it reminds me of India (and Hawaii). As a kid, I used to climb this two-story plumeria tree at home in India and hang out on it with my sister and a few cousins for hours. Fond memories…and now we have a brand new plumeria plant in our courtyard. They don’t grow quite as big in Arizona, but I hope it gives flowers.

On the left is the actual plant from our courtyard, and on the right is an example of a plumeria flower (cropped from a random Internet image).

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