Clean pool swim at LTF followed by a date

Finally they have cleaned the pool at Lifetime Fitness. I escaped a bit early from work to go swimming at the club. Kristi joined me a few minutes after I started. The pool was sparse and clean; just the way I like it. I did 2,200 meters; nothing significant about the swim, just a routine workout.

A bunch of us got together at Gordon Biersch (Scottsdale) for happy hour. Shelly organized it and about half-a-dozen of us showed up. It was good to see Ali and Greg as they just got engaged. It reminded me of when I got engaged with Binita; that was a long time ago and we were back in Michigan then. I like those old, fond memories and it was well suited for the evening. Binita and I went out on a date at Pure Sushi; a nice, quiet, uneventful evening. As usual, we gorged on sushi and I am quite stuffed as I write this.

Tomorrow, I’ll either run or bike; depends on how I feel. When I run, I wear either the Halo visor signed by Chrissie Wellington, or the Cannondale visor signed by Heather Jackson. If figure I can’t lose either way!

As you can see from the photographs, the halo hat is a bit worn but it is easily my favorite (therefore it is autographed by Chrissie)!

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