You have to be strong or you get blown over

Bree Wee is an elite triathlete who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. She writes about her journey of life (and her triathlon quests) in her blog. Her writing is raw and inspiring; I love reading her blogs. She mixes it up with pictures. Yesterday, I read her new blog entry and it was inspirational.

It was quite appropriate that I read Bree’s blog entry yesterday because during my short but uphill ride to Hidden Hills, the wind picked up and started to blow me here and there. At first I was dejected and had negative thoughts, but then I thought of Bree’s blog. In it she writes, “…got caught in a wind storm that reflected my life (good and blessed, but so windy, you have to be strong or you get blown over)…” Yes, you have to be strong or you get blown over. With renewed energy, I pedaled up against the wind with my legs burning and my heart pounding, but with my mind at ease!

I ended up doing a bit more than 35 miles in little over 2 hours. Not stellar speed by any standards, but it was an enjoyable ride alone.

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