I want a 910XT

I’m not sure why I chose to run for 90 minutes on the treadmill today; it was a gorgeous day outside. I reasoned that my subungual hematoma (blood under my toe nails) would act up if I ran on the road (I have 3 nails affected now). Anyway, the run was pretty good; I ended up with little more than eleven-and-a-half miles at a pace of 7:41.

I called Airpark Bikes for a new Garmin 910XT earlier today. It should arrive in the next couple of days. A guy can never have enough gadgets. My 310XT seems to be acting up. It actually has 3 issues. First, on my bike, it malfunctions when I have cadence and GPS activated. Second, the heartrate fluctuates wildly (sometimes). Third, the lap/reset button jams which is not good when you are doing a multi-sport race.

Ok, I admit that these are pretty much excuses for me to get a nice new GPS-based workout watch! If you saw how cool it is and what it can do, you’d want one too.

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