Hurricane Sandy

All my friends know that I am a bleeding heart liberal. This blog is not meant to talk about natural disasters (or politics), but today I want to send my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by hurricane Sandy. I have heard from a couple of friends who live in New Jersey that devastation is everywhere, but they are safe (albeit without power).

We need to put politics aside and come together as one (are you listening, Governor Romney)? I want to send kudos to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey for praising President Obama and calling him “awesome” in this trying time. We need more leaders like him (again, are you listening Governor Romney)? I could go on and on about agencies like FEMA that are much needed, but my conservative and libertarian friends may take issue!

Anyway, today’s swim at MMR was pretty smooth. We did longer sets for a total of 2,200 yards in about 45 minutes. Nothing significant. I like taper week!

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