Green Grass, Red Light

Yesterday, we got some artificial turf for our pups (Simi is 11 and Missy is 9 years old). It looks quite lovely and is very comfortable to walk on. We are told that all we have to do is wash it by spraying water on it about once a week. Supposedly, it lasts 5 years. Miraculous!

I biked late in the afternoon by myself as the sun was setting. It felt great on the bike, but unfortunately it seemed like I was hitting every red light. Sometimes, you hit a bad patch in life and stop lights follow you. Sometimes it is a good thing when you are going full steam.

My stupid Garmin 310XT acted up again – it has a conflict between the cadence meter and the GPS. After doing about 20 miles in 1:15 hours, it tells me that I only did about 5 miles. Annoying…I can’t wait for the 910XT.

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