Why a McMuffin is the perfect breakfast

One of my work colleagues brought me an egg McMuffin from McDonald’s this morning. I couldn’t resist. I justified it as a healthy carb-and-protein meal with a bunch of sodium. Sausage and egg have protein, English muffin has carbs and of course the sandwich has a bunch of sodium. It was quite delicious. I even took a picture and txt’d it to Binita. I’m sure she was jealous!

Speaking of jealous, Brett, Shelly and Mark (pictured left to right) are out in California doing the bike-the-coast event 50-miler tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll have a great time…

I got a haircut today and then swam at Lifetime Fitness. The water felt good and I did some smooth distances for a total of 2,500 meters in about 50 minutes. Fortunately, the pool was pretty empty and quite clean.

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