A stunned Pipit | prep for race day

The day began with some excitement for the pups. A bird (I’m pretty sure it was an American Pipit) hit the glass and was stunned. The pups spent almost the entire morning staring at it as it sat outside the door. I went outside and took a picture so I could identify the bird (yes, I am somewhat of a bird nerd)! The bird is fine as it flew away after resting for a couple of hours. Nature is resilient.

Tomorrow is race day. I’m doing the 10k in downtown Phoenix (www.phoenix10k.com). This meant today was an easy run day; only 20 minutes with 3×30-second all-out sprints. I rested for the rest of the day although I did venture out to see my friend Will Rossiter at Starbucks. Talking to him stimulates my mind. Ideas are brewing…stay tuned for them!

As I write this, prep for tomorrow’s is complete (as you can see from the picture).

I usually spend about 30 minutes prepping making sure that:

  • the number is properly pinned to my top; if you look closely, you will notice that I don’t like to use the holes provided in the bib (this makes the number loose and increases drag) – since this is not a triathlon, I will not be using my race belt.
  • my favorite Chrissie-autographed visor is a must; you don’t see my sunglasses here, but they are ready.
  • electronic equipment includes my Garmin, heart-rate belt, foot-pod on my shoe and of course my iPod.
  • pre-race boost is a stinger waffle.
  • I will be wearing compression tights under my shorts; I usually like to wear a white top on race day, but I’m trying a dark gray Zoot top today.
  • I trust my performance socks and my Saucony shoes

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