Listen to your body | Obama 2012

I felt lousy in the morning. I woke up tired and unmotivated to bike. It was a bit chilly but quite pleasant outside, but I had no desire. I slept in and went straight to work and had a pretty busy day. Fortunately, my day was done around 5PM. I was actually able to go swim for the 6PM masters class at MMR. I’m glad that it was a light schedule; only 2,250 yards with a few drills and strokes mixed in.

It is important to listen to your body. I have read that it prevents injury. Triathletes become obsessed with their workout regimen and follow the schedule no matter what. As Chrissie Wellington puts it, “the most important underlying recipe for success: dedication, perseverance, self-awareness and hard bloody work.” At the world-class level, maybe all this is true; but at my level, I like the fact that I sometimes take it easy!

I stayed up late with Binita as we saw the election results come in. I was sad to see Carmona lose the senate seat to Jeff Flake, but was quite happy overall with the election result. Binita was quite ecstatic; and her phone was buzzing with txt messages from family and friends.

Obama 2012. Forward!

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