Run Run Run Whoopie

After yesterday’s debacle, I was determined to run again today. Instead of a relatively easy bike ride in the morning, I got on the treadmill at the Vision Offices (at work) and did a medium to hard run for an hour. After starting slow for the first 10 minutes, I ran at a brisk pace for the next 40 minutes before tapering off for the last 10 minutes. The pain actually felt good. I wasn’t about to give up again today!

In the evening, Binita and I went to the Union at the Biltmore for the opening of the Whoopie Baking Company’s first retail outlet. It was a jam packed fun event. It was good to see Chris, Brett and Miguel; and the Whoopie Babes of course.

Pictured here (from left to right) are Karen, Kai, Bill, Binita and Jennifer. Wine and food were flowing. I think they call it “Love Joy Whoopie” which is pretty cool; but I prefer “Swim Bike Run Whoopie.” Of course, I sampled pumpkin (my favorite) and chocolate Whoopies followed by some spicy olive wrapped in some kind of prosciutto; and some mozzarella, tomato and salami deliciousness.

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