Sweet November 2013 has started

Our very close friends Julie and Len arrived from Nashville, TN today. Binita has been cooking some exotic foods over the past few days. As we start consuming the lamb curry, several pies and other dishes, I will post pictures. Of course, I took the day off from work and hung out at home for most of the day.

I did go on an afternoon bike ride (about 20 miles). It was nice and cool, but a bit windy. The wind actually helped as it was mostly behind my back during the uphill portions. It was a smooth ride that lasted a bit more than an hour.

In the evening, I picked up the Garmin 910XT (finally). As I write this, it is charging. Tomorrow’s workout will be my first on this device. If you must know, it WILL make me go faster. If you think logically about it, you will never figure out why. If you believe it, you will know why!

When I was picking up the Garmin, I eyed a pretty cool Argon 18 Gallium Pro (used) 2012 bike at Airpark Bikes. They seem to have a pretty decent deal on it; depending on the components and deal they are willing to make,  I just may pick it up! Yes, I am in the market for a road bike and was looking at the Cannondale SuperSix (mostly because Chrissie Wellington rides it).

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