910XT | Skyfall | Lamb Curry Pie

Marty and Bryan arrived last night. We picked them up at the airport around 10PM. It was late by the time we went to bed.

Today was a busy day. It started with a trip down to the Union at the Biltmore so that everyone could visit the Whoopie Baking Company retail store. It was nice and festive; with Mimosas and Bloody Marys being served at 9AM. Pictured here are Julie, Binita and Marty about to leave to see the Whoopie Babes.

Upon returning, I went for an hour-long run in the brisk cool morning. It was near perfect running conditions with puffy clouds and a gentle breeze. I was using my new Garmin 910XT for the first time and it work quite flawlessly. The interface is exactly like the 310XT; hence I didn’t even have to to read the manual (not that I would have read it anyway). As expected, I was running slightly faster than usual just to prove that my 901XT would make me faster. Mind over matter (even when it is barely believable)! At the end of the run, my left hip was hurting just a bit, but it will go away.

We saw Skyfall (James Bond) in the afternoon at the iPic theater. The theater is pretty incredible with plush reclining seats, soft velvety blankets and a full-service menu. The movie itself was quite typically James Bond; but nothing to write home about (although Julie and the rest were raving about it).

Curried Lamb Pie was on the menu for dinner. Quite delicious! And it was followed up by a plethora of dessert.

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