Painful and eventful day

I woke up with severe pain on my upper outside left thigh. I could barely walk and it was really tender to the touch. I’m pretty sure it is my upper IT band (a first for me). I did 3 relatively hard runs this week (including one on Saturday that was faster than normal). These came on the heels of the race (10k) on Sunday. Maybe I increased the miles too abruptly  or maybe my body reached its threshold. I decided that today is rest day. Definitely no interval run (as per my schedule).

I took Advil early in the morning and the pain settled down a bit. I was still hurting but it wasn’t too bad. Binita, Julie and Marty were cooking for the feast this evening. Len, Bryan and I were hanging out reading books and magazines. I took a nap around noon and woke up somewhat refreshed. The pain on my thigh was bearable and I actually decided to go for a swim at Lifetime Fitness.

I only did 2,000 meters in 40 minutes. The 910XT is pretty amazing for providing swimming statistics. It gives you data for each interval including your SWOLF score. I need to read up on it to understand how I can become a more efficient and faster swimmer.

After my swim, I talked to Matt Russell who was also swimming during his final week of training before Ironman AZ next Sunday. Matt came in 3rd in the Couer d’Alene Ironman this year and 20th at the World Championships. Yes, he is world class (and a nice guy).

After I got home, we started preparing the feast this evening. Floors were swept, chairs were cleaned, candles were lit, fine china was laid out and a turkey was carved. People arrived around 6:30PM and the festivities began. This year, it was a small version of the annual Sweet November dinner. Along with Julie-Len and Marty-Brian, the Whoopie Babes and Don-Debbie were with us to celebrate. Also joining us were Kevin Z (from Toronto) and Bill D (from Sacramento).

The puppies even got to taste the woofie pies! The first batch was evenly distributed between Missy and Simi, but the second batch went all the Missy (we made up by giving Simi a healthy portion of turkey).

I took another Advil before going to bed. We’ll see what tomorrow brings (good thing that it is taper week next week).

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