Page Springs Cellars | Balloonatic | Swim at MMR

I woke up this morning and my pain had subsided considerably. I will rest for a few more days from running, but I can swim today and probably bike tomorrow.

Six of us (Binita, me, Julie, Len, Marty, Bryan) spent this afternoon at Page Springs Cellars sitting at a picnic table overlooking a brook, soaking up the warm sun. Wine was flowing like water and cheese, crackers, meats and pretzels were consumed in enormous portions. The conversation ranged from downright silly to philosophical. It was the perfect afternoon.

I took Simi and Missy into the vineyards and walked up and down the trellises. They were enamored by the smells and sounds of fallen leaves in the wet grass. Yes, it was the perfect afternoon for them too.

On the drive back, we saw a few hot-air balloons flying; which reminded me of a word I learned yesterday. Apparently, Julie’s mom is crazy about balloons.

Balloonatic: A person crazy about balloons.

We returned back around 5:45PM and I rushed to masters swim at 6:00PM at MMR (I was a few minutes late). Our original coach, Adrienne was back from South Africa. Shelly and a woman who I have never met were the only ones who showed up. We did around 2,000 yards. It is taper week…

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