Niggling injuries teach a lesson

My injury saga continues. This morning as I lay in bed, I stretched and pulled something between the back of my neck and my right shoulder. I can barely raise my right arm. It hurts to move my neck. As the day has gone on, it has gotten worse and worse. Advil didn’t help. Even Pho (Vietnamese soup) didn’t help!

No run, no bike, no swim. Today is rest day. As for the Tucson Marathon, it seems more distant today than it was before I started training. Forget qualifying for Boston, forget finishing the race; I hope that I can be at the start line next month.

I wonder what I should learn from this lesson. I’m quite sure these niggling injuries are telling me something; they have to fit nicely in the bigger picture; I’m just not sure what the message is…

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Maybe a trip the Physical Therapist is in order!

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