Still hurting | a new Argon 18 bike

I’m still hurting. My shoulder pain is almost as bad as yesterday. I have avoided Advil today, but moving my neck left-right or up-down still hurts. As per Bill Wilson’s recommendation, I am going to see Lisa Hawkins of Windhawk Clinic tomorrow. I hope she can work some magic. Obviously, there was no workout today.

I am apprehensive about the Marathon on December 9. The next couple of weeks are supposed to be HARD workouts. I have to run for 3 hours straight. That’s 30 minutes more than I have every run. Will I be able to do it? Definitely not with my current injuries…

This afternoon, I went to Airpark Bikes and bought that Argon 18 Gallium Pro with Ultegra components and Easton wheels. It is a used 2012 model and will be ready next week. Maybe I am trying to reassure myself that I will be injury-free by the time serious training starts for the half-Ironman.

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