Physical Therapy | Circus Clown

I saw Lisa Hawkins of Windhawk today. She rocks! She examined my hip and my shoulder and gave me perspective. “Sometimes cranky kids need attention,” she said, “so you have to pay attention to the screaming and sore muscles.” Basically, my “injuries” are mostly because of imbalances in my posture. And they are not injuries; they are simply temporary challenges. Hmmm….

Anyway, I feel a whole lot better now. I didn’t do any workout activities today, but I may venture out for an easy swim tomorrow and a bike ride on Saturday. Sunday, I am volunteering at Ironman AZ at water station number 1. Apparently, the theme at our water station is circus; can you picture me in a jester hat and a clown nose? Hmmm….

As for the Tucson Marathon, I keep staring at the course and can’t fathom how I will run at a sub-8-minute pace for the whole 26+ miles. Even when I try and think philosophically (something about enjoying the journey), I can’t help feeling apprehensive about the whole race. The race is about 4 weeks out and I already have butterflies. Hmmm….

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