Bobcat on the driveway

Early in the morning, as Binita opened the garage door to leave for work, she was a Bobcat casually walking on our driveway. She actually took a picture with her phone, but it came out too fuzzy to post up. Instead, pictured here is a coyote hanging out outside our house a couple of years ago.

We live in Arizona. Bobcats, coyotes, javalinas, rattlesnakes and even mountain lions are in our midst. We see coyotes and javalinas regularly, but rattlers and bobcats are rare. Mountain lions are extremely rare.

Today was my fourth day in a row for not working out. I was to meet some of my Ragnar teammates at Gordon Biersch in the evening, but ended up not going. Tomorrow, I have the Ironman AZ volunteer meeting at 9AM in Tempe. After the meeting, I’ll either bike or swim (or both). These will be easy workouts, but I need to slowly start getting back into the groove.

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