Back in the saddle | Hello Roadrunner

After four full days of unplanned rest, I swam and biked today. It felt GREAT.

The day started with the Ironman AZ volunteer meeting by Tempe town lake. The meeting itself was not too useful as I already knew about parking, T-shirts, circus theme and signing up for IMAZ 2013. Nevertheless, it was good to see the excitement building. There were toned athletes running and biking all around the lake with some fancy equipment. Some clearly had IMAZ numbers plastered on their bikes. I hope everyone does well tomorrow!

From there, I went straight to Lifetime Fitness for a 1,200 meter swim. The water was murky, but swimming felt great. I sat in the hot-tub and let the heavy waterfall fall directly on my right shoulder and behind my neck. I stood there for a good ten minutes and it felt heavenly.

After a quick nap in the afternoon, I went for an hour-long bike-ride. It was near perfect temperature with a light breeze. My shoulder hurt just a bit, but swimming earlier in the day had loosened the muscles enough that I felt very little discomfort. My hip felt great.

On my way back, as I was twisting and turning in my neighborhood to get back home, a Roadrunner crossed the street in front of me and stared at me. It was as if he was saying, “You mentioned all the animals you live around in your blog yesterday. What about the birds?”

Pictured above is a Costa’s Hummingbird (picture taken a couple of years back in my front yard – click on it to see a larger view). The birds we see often are Gambel’s Quails and a few varieties of Hummingbirds (not to mention the most common birds like Finches, Grackles, Cactus Wrens, Gila Woodpeckers, etc. etc.). Of course the lakes has its share of herons and waterfowl too. The uncommon birds are Roadrunners and Great Horned Owls. We see these two about once-a-month and they are both treats to watch. Every once in a blue-moon, we also see Bald Eagles (usually around lakes), Ospreys (also around lakes), Pelicans (around Tempe town lake) and we have been lucky enough to see the California Condor at the Grand Canyon.

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