Ironman Arizona | Tomorrow is Step 1

Today I volunteered for Ironman Arizona at water station number 1 from 10:30AM to noon. It was a gorgeous morning with near perfect race conditions. Ripped bodies and incredible equipment (mostly bikes) were on full display. I was rooting for Matt Russell who came in third at Ironman CDL earlier in the year, and of course my friend Will Rossiter. I desperately want Will to qualify for Kona so I can go watch and root for him on 2013.

The theme (as you can see from the picture) at our water station was “circus” – yes, I had a red clown-nose but admittedly I wore it on my cap. At around 11:45AM, the first of the elite men passed by and we handed them cola. Most wanted water and a sponge but some did take cola. I hung out for a bit after noon before heading back home.

I need to pause here and mention that the primary reason I volunteered is to get in the preferred line to sign up for IMAZ next year. I will show up tomorrow morning in my volunteer T-shirt and stand in line at 6:00AM. If all goes well, the countdown will begin. I will email Chrissie Wellington to let her know that I finally signed up!

In the afternoon, I went for an hour-long bike ride. The bike lane on Hayden was closed, so I altered my route a bit. My shoulder still feels a bit pinchy, but my hip is almost back to normal. After I got back home, I saw a roadrunner hanging out in my front yard as if to say “Thank You for talking about me in your blog yesterday.”

In the evening, Binita and I took Simi and Missy to see the athletes finish the Ironman. Will amazingly finished in 10:04. STRONG! He finished 24th in his age group but unfortunately did not qualify for Kona.

Tomorrow, I will wake up early to take the first step in becoming an Ironman. Wish me luck. I will need it!

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