Really bad customer service

I am annoyed at the place I bought the Argon 18 from. My bike was supposed to be ready by today. I called and the guy who sold me the bike doesn’t even remember me. When I reminded him about the bike, his response was nonchalant. He was to call me back in the afternoon but all I heard back were crickets. They have some of the worst customer service I have encountered. I experienced the same a couple of years back, but decided to give them another chance. We’ll see if it was a mistake. For now, I will refrain from naming the place (for their sake) hoping that they will correct the issue by tomorrow.

In the evening, I went for a swim at MMR. I only did a bit over 2,200 yards, but there were a ton of sprints and intervals. Adrienne gave me a couple of tips on my stroke. I can always use tips for improvement…

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