Windy ride to Reata Pass, and an easy swim

It was windy this morning. I rode up north from my house, up Happy Valley Rd through Reata Pass. It was a gorgeous day with perfect temperatures and very little traffic. I guess people are still reeling from their post-thanksgiving feast (and slumber). I only did around 19 miles but it was a tough climb against winds gusting at around 20 mph, up Happy Valley with speeds averaging around 9 mpg. It felt good to loosen the leg muscles.

In the afternoon, I went for a quick swim to Lifetime Fitness. The club was empty and so was the pool. Shelly was there; we did a few drills and a few sprints for a total of only about 1,300 meters.

The bike pedals arrived today (along with a new wrench – I broke the old one a couple of months back trying to unscrew pedals from my old bike to take them to Hawaii). I installed the pedals and will probably take the bike for its maiden spin tomorrow. A new beginning in my biking chapter I hope; I could use all the help I can get. Next Friday, I will go to Bill Wilson for my bike-fit and Lactate Threshold test.

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