Does UV affect carbon bikes?

The plan was to bike about 15 miles before meeting Don at my office parking lot, head over to Brett/Kristi’s condo complex and ride with them for a couple of hours. The plan changed, but not by much. Kristi decided to join me before picking up Don. Don had trouble with his Sea Sucker bike-rack, hence he didn’t show. Kristi and I picked up Brett and rode to Hidden Hills for a total of about 30+ miles before doing breakfast at Over Easy.

Therapy is quite perfectly fitted. She is a lot more comfortable to ride than Trocket and seems to accelerate on a dime.

Someone told Binita that carbon bikes need to stay away from the sun because UV rays are not good for carbon. On the surface, this sounds quite idiotic as bikes are ridden in the sun all day. I did a bit of Googling on the topic but didn’t find any authentic resource; all I read was that carbon does indeed get affected by UV light, but the paint on the bike is easily strong enough to protect the carbon. This makes total sense!

Today was Binita’s holiday party at El Encanto in Carefree, AZ. The food was excellent junk Mexican food; the music was so-so, but it was a fun evening. I scored a nice warm blanket at the white-elephant gift exchange. I got home late as we went to Armitage with Manny/Kristi (admittedly, I did not want to go and tried to be a good sport for about an hour before losing my patience).

A bunch of people at the party were nursing a cold. A bunch of people in my office are hacking too. I just hope I don’t come down with anything before my race on Sunday.

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