Granada Run, LGO Breakfast, Sad…

A bunch of folks from my Ragnar Del Sol team (Feb, 2013) showed up for a run at Granada today. I ended up running alone as I had intervals on my schedule. It was near perfect weather conditions. Brett, Chris, Brittney, Maury, Nali and I went to LGO afterwards.

Binita also did intervals on the treadmill today. She’s been going to a Korean woman for acupuncture and has been feeling great. I hope it continues and eventually she starts doing a few races with me.

I got a new bike-rack for Trocket and Therapy. I will post pics in the next day or so. Of course Will has a different way of pronouncing my bike’s name (he calls Therapy “The Rapey”). Ouch!!

My puppies remain as crazy as ever. I took them for a quick walk today and for the first time ever, they did not bark at all during the entire 20-minute walk. Of course, they did not see any humans or dogs!

I got some sad news from one of my friends. She is in her early 30s and found out earlier this summer that she has Multiple Sclerosis. She is an Ironman and has the most precious smile. She has invited a bunch of us to do a bike-ride to raise funds. If you are interested in contributing, go here and donate please! I will be doing the ride on both days (May, 2013) – distance TBD.

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