Weather in Oro Valley

I’ve read somewhere that the most likely part to crash on your laptop is your hard-drive. It must be true because my laptop hard-drive just crashed. Good thing that Santa will be good to me this year. Time for a new Windows 8 machine.

Anyway, I ran a smooth 5+ miles on the treadmill at LTF this evening. It was a level 1-2 run and it felt pretty good.

My mind is on Tucson. I watch the weather daily. Yesterday, it said that it will be rainy and windy in Oro Valley (where the marathon will be run); today it says it will be sunny and cold with 11mph winds. We’ll see what it says tomorrow. With a bit of luck, it will be perfect weather with 10mph tail winds. That would certainly help.

I’ve mapped every mile of the course. I know where each little uphill is and of course all the downhills (the course is mostly downhill). I know where all the water stations are and the port-a-potties (hopefully, I won’t have to use any). I will be carrying my own calories (Stinger Waffles) and expect to consume one every hour. I already have butterflies…

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