Scope out the Tucson Marathon Course

In the morning, I did a 20-minute easy jog with 3 x 30-second sprints. It felt good. No aches, no pains, I am ready to take on the Tucson Marathon. I am a bit slower than what is required to qualify for Boston (3:25), but I will give all I have.

Binita and I drove down to Tucson and checked in at the Hilton Conquistador. We have a nice Jr. Suite with a sitting area. A luxury bus will pick us up around 5AM tomorrow and take us to the starting line. We will wait on the bus until about 15 minutes before the race starts at 7AM. It will still be morning twilight when we will take off. I have decided to wear arm warmers but no under-skin. I will wear my racing gloves (adidas), running tights (CWX) and tri-top (Sugoi). I will have compression socks (Sugoi) and my running shoes (Saucony).

The race tomorrow will be about discipline. Easy does it for the first 12 miles and then pick up the pace. I know I will be fine for 20 miles. The real race for me will begin at mile 21. I’ll feel the pain and will have to remember Chrissie:

Pain is little more than a conversation between your body and your brain.

Will Rossiter is also running. He needs 3:10 to qualify and I am pretty sure he will do it. He is fast and confident. It would be great if we both qualify and can go on a road-trip to Boston in 2014.

He and I drove the course today. It is gorgeous up in Oracle, AZ where the race starts. The elevation is around 4,800 feet and pretty remote. We got to the starting point (a few miles beyond Oracle, AZ) around 4:30PM and there was nary a soul up there. Tomorrow morning, this place will be buzzing with 1,000+ marathoners.

We picked up Binita from the hotel and ate a carbo-load dinner at North. Bedtime will be early today. I hope I’ll be asleep by 9PM.

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