PF Chang’s Half Marathon | Note from Chrissie

I read somewhere that after doing a strenuous event like a Marathon, your immune system is compromised and you are susceptible to getting sick. Unfortunately, I feel the first signs of a sinus infection. Hence, I have decided to take it easy for a day or three. I also read somewhere else, “Listen to your body.”

Today is 12/12/12. Some people are caught up in how cool that date is. I think the date sounds like a mic-check. Check One Two. Check One Two. Check One Two.

The PF Chang’s Marathon (Phoenix) to be held on January 20, 2013 is offering twenty bucks off if you sign up today. I took advantage and signed up. Back in 2010, it was the first race I did and it got me into running and triathlons. The race is a zoo with 30,000 participants, but it is near and dear to me!

I emailed Chrissie to let her know about my Tucson Marathon time. In 15 minutes she replied back, “I hope you are truly appreciating how far you have come and how much you have achieved. I know you want more, but take time to enjoy the journey and the progress you have made. It’s phenomenal!” Imagine; a 4-time world champion calling me “phenomenal.” Okay, she is calling my journey and/or progress phenomenal, but I can take some journalistic freedom, can’t I?

Snapathon is still brewing…

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