Will Santa be kind this Christmas?

Arizona has gorgeous weather in the winter. Most days are sunny and calm with temperatures in the 70s. Today was an exception. It was cold and rainy all day. A bunch of my running buddies had planned a hike up Camelback mountain followed by breakfast at LGO. Of course, we are all wimps and we cancelled the hike due to weather.

Instead, I went to Lifetime Fitness for a stationary bike-ride for an hour. It was crowded; I guess everyone had the same idea. Riding a stationary bike is no fun. It was the first time I rode it at a steady cadence of 90+ for an hour. I’ve done spin classes, but this is quite different. I wanted to swim afterwards but gave up the idea. It is recovery week so I will take it easy!

I hope that Santa is kind to me this Christmas. I have asked for a Travel Trac Fluid + Trainer and am hoping for one soon.

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