Ladder Swim at MMR

I went to see Lisa Hawkins (Windhawk) for my post-marathon stretch. I thought I was reasonably recovered but my calf and quads are still tight. With a bit of stretch and massage, they feel a lot looser now. Lisa also showed me a few moves to strengthen my core and balance. I have to add one more item to the Santa list; a size 56 stability ball. Santa, please take note!

In the evening, Shelly and her friend Drew joined me for a swim at MMR. As usual, Shelly was late and I was already into my ladder swim-drills by the time they got there. It’s always good to have company when you swim. I ended up doing a relatively hard 2,700-odd yards in about an hour. This is Base 1 week, so it is relatively easy…

Missy has some sort of infection below her tight eye that is somewhat concerning. If it doesn’t heal for the next few days, I will take her to the vet to get it checked out. Of course, she doesn’t have a care in the world and runs around like she is a puppy. She is actually 9 years old! You can see that the is staring at her blue-and-yellow ball in this pic. We don’t call her “crazy-girl” for nothing!

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