My Santa lives at

Binita likes my hair short. When it starts to grow out and starts looking unruly, she calls me “Curly Sue.” She’s been calling me that for the past week now. I thought I would get my haircut today, but Dawn didn’t have any openings. I have an appointment with her tomorrow at 5PM; right before spin class.

I ran today for 75 minutes on the treadmill; a pretty easy run (9+ miles). During the last 10-15 minutes, I felt something heavy below my left knee but thought nothing of it. When I got off the treadmill, the hurt was compounded enough that I had trouble going down the stairs at Lifetime Fitness. As I write this an hour or so after the run, my knee feels fine. I will watch it though…

I hope Binita doesn’t read this blog until Christmas because I am going to mention that I got her the Zeo Sleep Monitor for Christmas. I hope she likes it. While I was out shopping at Amazon, I also bought a stability ball (for some core work) and a rope (to work on my hamstrings). All my friends know that my Santa lives at and he is accessible to me year-round!

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