Short Leash Dogs, Haircut and Spin

If you live in Phoenix and want some of the best hotdogs, go to ShortLeashDogs. You will need to find the location of their truck (pictured here parked at the Whole Foods parking lot on Raintree and 101 in Scottsdale). Kat & Brad (the owners) are super nice too!

I finally got a haircut today. No more “curly sue.” My head feels lighter and I feel better.

My knee feels a lot better today. It felt just a bit sore in the morning, but the soreness vanished as the day progressed. I went for spin at Lifetime Fitness right after the haircut. My legs were tired from yesterday; so it was a hard class for me. But my legs feel nice and loose as I write this.

Oh, I went to Whole Foods and picked up some “So Delicious” Coconut Ice Cream, Agave Syrup and Pecans. It sounds like a strange dessert, but that’s what I am about to eat in a few minutes.

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