Kind Santa on a cold Christmas day

Merry Christmas!

The GoPro Hero3 (Silver) camera is easily my favorite gift this Christmas. I can control it with my iPhone and the video quality is quite amazing (1080P @ 30fps). I’ve been playing with it all day! Santa also gave me the fluid bike-trainer but I haven’t opened it yet. Other miscellaneous gifts and stocking stuffers include a Lulu run shirt, a bunch of chocolates, nutrition bars and a couple of board games. Thank you Santa for all your kindness.

Of course, we will pay back in kind to a bunch of charities (including the ones supported by Chrissie Wellington) by the end of the year.

Brett, Shelly and Angela came over for some bread pudding (made by Binita) and a bike-ride. We had grandiose plans of doing about 40 miles, but we knew as soon as we started that it was a bit too chilly and 40 was too ambitious. Instead, we went straight to Starbucks, had some hot chocolate and rode right back for a total of 14 miles. Nice training!

The Whoopie Babes came over along with Will Rossiter this evening for a delicious Indian (Gujju) meal made by my mother-in-law. Snapathon is percolating…

81 days until my half-Ironman in Puerto Rico. My stomach gets into knots when I think about it!

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