Strong run in spite of knee pain | GEN

15 minutes level 1; 57 minutes level 2; 10 minutes level 1. That was to be my workout today. I went to Lifetime Fitness where they have relatively new treadmills. The belts have a bit too much cushion (IMHO) and it creates a bit of an awkward leg-absorption.

It started smoothly for the first 15 minutes. I then decided to break up the 57 minutes into 8-minute segments; each segment just a bit harder than the previous. It was in my fourth segment that my left knee started to hurt. I ran for a while with the discomfort. The pain grew a bit worse and instead of battling it, I told myself, “Listen to your body!” I stopped, stretched and flexed my left leg for about 30 seconds before restarting and finishing strong. I’m quite happy with the effort in spite of the slight pain. I ended up running 10.12 miles at a pace of 8:06. Not bad!

Earlier in the day, as per Chrissie Wellington’s recommendation a couple of weeks back, I donated some money to GEN (Girls Education Nepal) and received a very nice email back from Nonna Lamponen. She mentioned that they need digital cameras for both locations; hence the money will be put to good use.

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