Bike at home on the Fluid TravelTrac Trainer

I finally setup the Fluid TravelTrac trainer in my study. It took all of ten minutes to setup. The instructions were clear and the setup was easy. The only complaint I had was that it did not come with the spanner to tighten the screws (the instructions mentioned that the spanner should be included in the packaging).

Mounting the bike on the trainer takes seconds. It is matter of replacing the skewer and latching it to the trainer. I mounted Therapy (Argon 18 Gallium Pro) to the trainer and away I went. It was cold outside, but I was comfortably dressed in bike shorts and a sleeveless tri top. An hour later, I had spent 630 calories. I must admit that after yesterday’s hard run, it wasn’t easy riding for an hour today; but I persevered.

78 days to the San Juan half-Ironman. 22 days to the PF Chang’s half-marathon.

Snapathon concepts continue to excite…

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