Cold run at Granada | Quilt from race shirts

It was a routine Sunday morning today; a 1-hour run (7.45 miles) with a bunch of my Ragnar friends followed by a Commuter Sandwich (eggs, goat cheese, bacon) at LGO. The run felt good although my knee was starting to talk to me about 40 minutes into the run. Fortunately, it wasn’t yelling at me; so I tried to lean forward to smooth my stride just a bit. It helped. I feel no pain right now and I haven’t done my stretches yet.

Today, I pulled out all my race shirts and plan to send these to for a quilt that my pups can use. Somehow, Simi seems to know that she will get to lay on the quilt once it is done. She is already practicing! There are 20+ tech-shirts so it will be a decent-sized quilt.

There seem to be a few options for quilting of these shirts, but seems to get some decent reviews. I’m somewhat surprised with how much it costs for one of these quilts, but it seems like a good amount of manual labor.

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