Baywatch Lifeguards were at MMR today

We were in the middle of our swim workout at MMR this evening when we heard the life guard whistle. There was commotion and we were told to exit the pool immediately. In the lane next to me was a little girl (age about 10) with her face down and motionless. At first, I thought she was an old lady suffering a stroke.

The life-guard jumped in as we got out and stood in the freezing cold. She got to the girl, put her under a floaty thing and started pulling her towards us. I could see the girl moving her limbs (thank god). Two other lifeguards had a stretcher ready as the girl was brought up. She was put on the stretcher and hauled outside, but she was barely moving. She was still not out of the woods.

We were given permission to jump back in as the girl appeared to be moving her arms and talking to the life guards. We talked among ourselves about the whole episode. A minute or two later, the girl started giggling and walked away. That’s when we figured out that it was just a drill. These lifeguards belong in Hollywood (Baywatch) with their acting skills!

We cut our swim routine short and I ended up doing less than 1,500 yards. Oh well…

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