Self-analysis of swimming technique (Part 1)

I took my GoPro to Lifetime Fitness today to film our swimming technique. After swimming a measley 1,200 meters, Shelly, Mark and I took turns at filming each-other’s stroke and flip turns. Of course, we are still working on our camera handling skills plus the water was rather murky. Excuses, excuses.

First Shelly. Watch the second half of the video and you will see that she has a pretty smooth stroke. She could tuck her chin in a bit and keep her arms extended in front for a fraction of a second longer. Her flip turn is superb!

Mark next. Not a bad stroke, but he could extend his arms a bit more and work on his “catch.” As for the flip turn, I’m not sure where to begin.

Lastly me. I see too much body rotation. My left arm seems to have a decent catch, but my right needs work. The flip turn actually looks quite decent!

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