Fix a flat in 10 minutes

It was cold today. I had 3 layers on and 2 socks. Fortunately, it was sunny and the wind was not too bad. Mark, Kristi, Angela and I started biking from my place around 9:45AM. The thought was to do about 3 hours and about 40 miles. We went for a quick warm-up on the hills of Horseshoe Canyon in Silverleaf for a few miles before heading up north. Going north on Hayden, I got my first flat on Therapy (my Argon 18 bike). Since my half-Ironman is coming up, it was good practice for me to change the tube which I did in about 10 minutes (although I did get some assistance from Kristi). Thank you Kristi for letting me use your CO2 cartridge (somehow, there was none in my bento box).

Anyway, we rode up Happy Valley to 115th street and then went up 115th to Jomax before ending up at the Gas Station on Dynamite and then returning back home. The wind was pretty stiff going up Happy Valley, but not crazy. All in all, we did only 29 miles and (not counting stops) rode for just a bit more than 2 hours. Somehow, it took forever as we stopped quite a few times!

This video is of us atop the hill on 115th street near Troon. As you can see, it turned out to be a gorgeous day by the time we reached the top.

And here is the pic of my dogs that I promised yesterday.

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