Kenya Run meeting at Herb Box

Six of us (Angela, Brett, Brittney, Chris, Shelly, me) Ragnar Del Sol 2013 teammates on the Kenya Run team ran around DC Ranch for about an hour this morning. I ended up doing just short of 7 miles in just short of an hour. We all went to the Herb Box for our first unofficial official meeting for Kenya Run.

The name “Kenya Run” is final (so much for the “Penetrate with Pennsaid” name). We are pretty sure we will go with a safari theme; although if you put Angela in charge, watch out! The van assignments are also pretty much final. The cool thing we found out this morning (courtesy Chris) was that we may be travelling in these fancy Mercedes Benz vans complete with a restroom, showers, beds and a massage parlor (okay I’m exaggerating about the massage parlor). When you spend a whole 36 hours with stinky, sweaty bodies (albeit cool people), you need good accommodations!

In the afternoon, I went for a quick swim at Lifetime Fitness (more an excuse to sit in the hot-tub actually).

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