First Bike Ride >> Caty & Josh

Josh and Caty are all smiles!

Caty took the big step of buying her first real road bike (Cannondale CAAD10, I think) earlier this week. Thank you Brett for enabling Caty! Josh was riding Caty’s old bike. It was cold when we set out. Josh was in shorts, no gloves, no seat padding and no bike shoes (although he did have cages on his pedals). At least he had a helmet on!

We rode from Desert Ridge to Kierland and back at a mellow speed of barely 13 MPH. It was a leisurely ride with a long SUBX stop at Kierland. Thanks Brett for buying us all some much-needed warm chai/coffee. There were a total of 5 of us (me, Brett, Caty, Josh and Angela).

Immediately after the bike-ride, I met Shelly at Lifetime Fitness for a swim of 1,800 meters. It was a pretty mellow swim workout followed by much RnR in the hottub!

In the evening, after Amaro’s Pizza with Don and Debbie, Binita and I saw the new Matt Damon movie “Promised Land” about fracking. The topic of the movie is quite controversial. Of course, I fall squarely on the side of the health and environment even if it is at the expense of economics (yes, I admit I am somewhat hypocritical in this ideology). The movie itself was slow and boring in parts, but the plot was quite good. It just needed better execution!

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