Kenya Run Ragnar Logo | Approved!

Maxie just finished the Kenya Run logo and I have to put it up on the blog ASAP; here it is:

Thanks Maxie. The team LOVES the logo; I have received multiple emails from pretty much everyone and the response is overwhelmingly positive. We are looking for 3 lucky sponsors whose logos will adorn not only our T-shirts, but also our vans. The cost for sponsorship is a measly hundred bucks!

As for my workout today, Shelly and I swam around 2,000 yards at MMR in the evening. We did ladders (50-75-100-125-150-125-100-75-50) twice!

This Sunday is the PF Chang’s Half Marathon. I’m ready. A few of us cool folks are planning a carbo-load dinner at Mia Francesca at Market Street in DC Ranch. My goal is to run a sub 1:40 race; I’ll put up my mile breakdowns either tomorrow or Wednesday…

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  1. Click on the image to see a larger logo…

  2. Yea – Maxie does good work. He is checking on vans now (I just got off FaceTime with him).

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