What’s the Higg Index?

I exchanged a few text messages with my friend Cameron. She and I were on the same Ragnar team back in 2011. In 2012, she moved to San Francisco and works for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Needless to say, she has a good heart and is working with apparel and footwear manufacturers to reduce environmental harm.

They say you learn something everyday. In communicating with Cameron, I learnt about the Higg Index. I don’t fully understand it, but you can learn more about it here >> http://www.apparelcoalition.org << you can see Cameron on the About Us page!

It’s still cold in Phoenix. I went to spin class at Lifetime Fitness and ran into Angela. It was a decent hour-long workout with Babette. The class was full probably because nobody wanted to bike outdoors today in the cold.

The PF Chang’s half-marathon is now less than 5 days away. Bill Wilson sent out final instructions on how to run the race:

  • Run at Level 2 for the first 2 miles
  • Run at Level 3 for the next mile (sustain this pace until mile 10)
  • For the last 5k, accelerate your pace if possible and finish with nothing left

Ali is organizing a post-race brunch at some place called Orange Table in oldtown Scottsdale. My guess is that we will be a dozen of us. Binita is going to California for some wine tasting event with the Whoopie Babes over the weekend.

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