Lance Armstrong on Oprah | An Opinion

I just saw most of Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah this evening. I have been an Armstrong fan for a long time. I wanted the doping allegations to be untrue. I wanted his fairy-tale store of beating cancer and winning a record seven Tour de France titles to be a triumph of the human spirit. I was wrong. I feel let down. I feel betrayed. I wonder if Chrissie Wellington feels betrayed too…

His “confession” sounded more like a statement that said, “Everyone did it, so I did it too. So what?” I really want to be non-judgmental about his past actions and his interview. We all make mistakes; especially when we are caught up in the moment. While I found him defensive and minimizing his actions, I hope this interview is the first step for his own healing process.

Even if it is too little too late, and he is coming clean only after he was caught, at least he has now taken some responsibility for his actions. He has a long way to go, but I hope that with time and a lot of effort, he can somehow redeem some of his dignity. We tend to label people as “good guys” or “bad guys.” In reality, we all have some good and some not-so-good in us. Lance too has done a lot of good in his life with his LiveStrong Foundation. His lies and deceits will overshadow his good deeds for a long while; but let’s hope it is not permanent.

Having said all this, does Lance belong back in competitive Triathlons? ABSOLUTELY NOT! His competitive days are done. I hope he concentrates his time in making amends with the hundreds of people he has directly hurt and sued, thousands of his friends, competitors and reporters he has called liars, and millions of ex-fans who are disgusted with him (at least as of today). I’m quite sure that he can earn some of the trust back; but if he competes again, he is DONE in my book. I will NEVER root for him again in competitive situations again, but will ALWAYS root for him as a human being (as long as he continues on his path to purity).

The PF Chang’s half-marathon is now 3 days away. Light carbo-loading has begun. Binita picked up some Penne pasta with Arrabiata sauce and sun-dried tomatoes along with some garlic bread from Nick’s. It was a bit spicy but quite good!

I ran a bit more than 7 miles at an easy (level 1 and 2) pace for an hour around my office today. It has finally warmed up into the 60s and I enjoyed the warm sunshine and virtually no wind this afternoon.

About 20 minutes ago, Missy woke up from a nap and is limping on her front right leg. I hope it is nothing serious. She is a bit nuts jumping here and there and has probably pulled something (at least that is my hope). We gave her a mild pain-killer and have confined her for now.

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