The Truth Shall Set You Free!

I swam this afternoon with Shelly. We didn’t swim much; less than 1,000 meters. She renewed her membership at Lifetime Fitness and I will get the referral fee. I hope they have some cool Lululemon stuff for Binita in the online LTF store!

I met Jennifer Gibson at the gym today. She is training for the St. Croix half-Ironman and eventually an Ironman in Austria in 2014. She told me her story. It is sad but inspirational. Her husband wanted to be an Ironman. They were out running together when he was blindsided by a car from behind and died. This happened 3 years ago. Now Jennifer has taken it upon herself to take his spirit to various Ironman races. Her Ironman journey has already begun, and he is with her all the way. Her eventual destination >> Kona of course! I will forever root for her.

After I got home, I spun on my trainer for 30 minutes to loosen my legs. After my run on Thursday, my left knee was talking to me. I have found that the best remedy for these slight knee-pains is a quick spin on the bike. Even 30 minutes relieves this pain. If you have this problem, you may want to try it!

I watched Part 2 of Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah. It was more of the same. I can’t believe he still wants to compete. ENOUGH already Lance! What do you think a “Lifetime ban” means? Concentrate on getting your life back together. Your future actions will speak louder than words. Seek forgiveness not through words, but through actions.

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Missy is still limping on her front right leg. I think it is her shoulder that is bothering her. It’s better than yesterday though.

2 days to go until the half-marathon. Tomorrow, I will go pick up my bib and my race packet.

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