Race Prep for PF Chang’s Half Marathon – 2013

Tomorrow is the PF Chang’s Half Marathon. It is a “B” race for me, but I hope to do it in under 1:40. Based on elevation and expected speeds, here are my target mile splits (ya, it’s a perfect reverse split; we’ll see if I can execute):

Mile   Pace   Time
1 0:08:15 0:08:15
2 0:08:00 0:16:15
3 0:07:30 0:23:45
4 0:07:35 0:31:20
5 0:07:40 0:39:00
6 0:07:30 0:46:30
7 0:07:35 0:54:05
8 0:07:40 1:01:45
9 0:07:40 1:09:25
10 0:07:25 1:16:50
11 0:07:15 1:24:05
12 0:07:20 1:31:25
13 0:07:05 1:38:30
13.1 0:06:45 1:39:18

As for race-gear, here is a pic with everything (plus nutrition) that I will take with me tomorrow. The temperature will be in the upper 40s at race start but should warm up nicely as the day goes on. The start is at 7:50AM. It’ll be fun!

To get my engine going today, I did a quick 20-minute run with Shelly around Desert Ridge. We went and got a quick bite to eat right after the run. I went and picked up my race packet (as you can see, my number is 2469 starting in corral 2). A few of us (Caty, Josh, Jamie, Brett, Z, me) went out to Mia Francesca for a carbo-load dinner followed by Yogurtology. As soon as I finish this blog entry, I am off to bed.

I’ll give you a full report on the race tomorrow. Goodnight!

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